Adonis Golden Ratio

Adonis Golden Ratio

MEN: Discover The Ultimate V-Tapor and Body Sculpting Blueprint For Achieving Your Very Own "Adonis Golden Ratio"

What is the Adonis Golden Ratio?

The Adonis Golden Ratio program is not just a regular fat loss or muscle building system, it’s a unique reshaping program designed to bring your body to its most attractive, lean, and muscular ideal proportion and shape based on attractiveness research. We call this “ideal proportion” The Adonis Golden Ratio which you’ll recognize as the classic V-Tapor look of wide shoulders and a lean waistline. The Adonis Golden Ratio system includes customized nutrition and workout programs designed for men to safely and effectively achieve the goal losing weight and building muscle, and effectively bringing their body towards its “Adonis Golden Ratio”. The system determines what your ideal shape is based on customized software that takes into account your height, weight, age and current body measurements. From the information you input into our calculator the system is designed to predict your ideal shape and give you nutrition guidelines and a workout program to help get you there.

The nutrition program is designed to provide customized daily and weekly guidelines for food choices, calories, and macronutrients based on your current body shape, size and fitness level.

The workout program is designed to work hand in hand with the nutrition program providing a customized workout that is targeted for fat loss and muscle building with the goal of bringing your body to its Adonis Golden Ratio.

The Adonis Golden Ratio program as a whole is designed to achieve your best looking, and most proportional and powerful looking body shape for your height and genetic body structure.

How it Works

The Adonis Golden Ratio System is designed as a three step program.

Step 1 – Custom Nutrition Program

The Adonis Golden Ratio custom nutrition program is designed to give you daily and weekly guidelines for food choices, macronutrients and calories based on your height, age, weight, body measurements and activity level. The custom nutrition program includes a comprehensive information manual as well as customized proprietary nutrition software. The software is designed and meat to be referred to once per week to generate new nutrition recommendations and guidelines as your body changes from one week to the next. All guidelines are with the specific goal of bringing you to your best looking and healthiest body shape possible for your genetic structure.

Step 2 – Custom Workout Program

Based on your current body measurements, height, age and weight the Adonis Golden Ratio custom software will give you a targeted whole body workout program that is designed to bring you to your most proportioned body. The workout selector calculator is designed and meat to be referred to once per month to generate a new workout program to follow. Within the program you’ll find over 100 instructional exercise videos demonstration proper exercise form and guidance on what muscle groups each exercise is working. The workout program works synergistically with the nutrition program to provide a comprehensive nutrition and exercise strategy for the unique goal of building a proportioned, symmetrical, lean and muscular body.

Step 3 – Mobile App and Tracking Support

The third step of the system is a mobile app that allows you to have the entire program at your fingertips whether you’re at home, the gym, or on the road. You can access the nutrition program and software, as well as the workout program and instructional videos. The app also gives you the ability to interact with other Adonis members in a private membership community as well as track and analyze your progress. This ensures that the Adonis Golden Ratio system will go with you wherever you are and is there whenever you need it. It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket.



What is the Adonis Golden Ratio?

The Adonis Golden Ratio is a customized nutrition and workout program designed to burn fat and build muscle with the goal of shaping your body into the most attractive lean and power proportions that are possible for your body type.

Can I still do this program if I’ve never followed a workout program before?

Yes, there are guidelines and programs within this system that allow anyone at any fitness level to start this program. You have the ability to adjust the workouts to match your current fitness level and progress at your own pace.

What if I have specific food preferences that limit what I can eat?

Yes the Adonis Golden Ratio system is designed to give nutrition guidelines on a wide variety of food choices that can fit with many different diet and nutrition preferences and styles. Whatever your food preferences may be the system can accommodate them and still produce the desired results.

What If It Doesn’t Work For Me?

If you’re not happy with this program for any reason whatsoever simply send us an email within 60 days of your purchase and you’ll be issued a 100% refund no questions asked.

Adonis Golden Ratio